Vibe Festival New Location

Vibe Festival has moved to new and even better location in Karlovarský Kraj near town called Valec. The place is about 96 km from Czech Republic capital Prague and about 40 km from famous city Karlovy Vary.  
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Aura is one of the musical directions of the Montreal based artist, Jeremy Costa. There are many ways to manipulate perception and perceptive states; disciplined practices and art are commonly attributed to such changes. Jeremy has taken up many different forms of artistic practices to meet these perspectives. With a background in painting, sound installation, […]
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Dj Psyrix aka Michal is a 32-year-old Czech artist with Greek and Polish roots living in Prague.His DJ career started in 1998 in the Czech underground techno scene. In 1999 he became one of the founding members of the Hedonix crew. Together with Perplex, Prenatal and Searcher they helped to develop the Psytrance scene in […]
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2deko is a psychedelic decor project by Dominika and Pawel from Poland. They both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and made a Masters Degree in Graphics. Their trip with psytrance began in 2009 when we went to Ozora Festival for the first time. Fascinated with the colorful culture They started going to parties […]
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